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1933 — 2014



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  • Seven years ago today, Claudio Abbado left us. The emptiness he left can be measured every day, humanly and artistically. The 'Abbadiani' are still here, still passionate and more than ever convinced that Claudio Abbado has no substitute or successor, and that his way of thinking about the world and his approach to music is a lesson for all generations. His freedom, his sensitivity, his culture remains a model, and we continue to think of music and art as "abbadiani", rejecting preconceived ideas, prefabricated products, the merchandising of art and, above all, with a great faith in youth, which was one of the guiding threads of Claudio Abbado's work.
  • Dear Claudio, today you would be 87 years old, and you would conduct as you have always done, new, young, forward-looking.

An exclusive space dedicated to pictures of Claudio Abbado

Some of the most famous Italian and European photographers like Silvia Lelli, Roberto Masotti, Cordula Groth, Giorgio Lotti, Vivian Purdom, Marco Caselli Nirmal, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Ferdinando Scianna, Mauro Vallinotto, Marcello Mencarini, Ruth Walz, Cesare Colombo, Martine Franck, Enrica Scalfari, Massimo Sestini and many others… tell in hundreds of photos the tale of a magic journey through music: it is the journey of Claudio Abbado, who is now 80 years old. The collection of pictures is regularly updated: last update 26.6.2012. Click on the picture. A tribute presented by the Club Abbadiani Itineranti.

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